Are you interested in volunteering for WE CAN?

To begin the process, please fill out this volunteer form. Once entered, it will be automatically emailed to WE CAN’s Volunteer Manager. It may take a week or more for you to receive a response, not due to lack of interest but simply due to time constraints. Thank you for your interest!

WE CAN provides unique, life-changing services to  women and their families.

With just a small paid staff, volunteers are the heart and soul of WE CAN. We are able to provide our programs because so many individuals step up and offer their talents and services to our small organization. There are myriad ways that people volunteer for WE CAN, including the following:

  • legal services
  • work support – including career and business
  • mentoring
  • financial counseling
  • office support
  • reception support
  • support group leaders
  • special service volunteers
  • assistance with our publications and web maintenance
  • data entry and tabulation
  • workshop facilitators
  • workshop helpers
  • representing WE CAN at various events