Financial Empowerment Program

Financial Empowerment 1:1 sessions are for women who want to plan for their future and ensure financial health, as well as those who are currently struggling with financial issues or concerns. Through the generosity of experienced bankers, financial planners, and tax accountants, low to moderate income women now have an opportunity to obtain guidance and direction on a wide range of financial matters. General topics include: managing money, managing debt and savings planning. Other topics are available and volunteer specific; call for details.

The Financial Empowerment Program is designed to complement existing programs on the Cape that offer financial guidance, by assisting women who may need more individualized attention than they may be able to receive in a group setting. This program is also an option for those who may feel uncomfortable in other more “public” venues.

Financial Empowerment sessions, with a professional financial volunteer, are posted on our website and need to be reserved in advance by calling the WE CAN office at 508-430-8111. Through a partnership with the Falmouth Service Center, we are now offering Financial Empowerment appointments on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in Falmouth. Initial sessions are 50 minutes in length, and follow-up sessions are expected and encouraged. Click here for detailed flyer.

WE CAN also offers occasional workshops related to finances, debt management, and student debt management.