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 The Last Gasp through the Eyes of Susan Mabile

“It’s so much more than a bike ride.
It is not about physical ability.
It is not about speed.
It is a pilgrimage on learning what
we are capable 
of when
we push ourselves beyond
what our mind tells us we can do.” 

Susan Mabile became involved in the Last Gasp at the recommendation of a friend.  She saw it as a good way to challenge herself. Additionally, the team building came at a time when she was seeking meaningful, personal connections with new friends. She reports that everyone is there for a reason beyond the biking.  “They may not tell you, but I can sense it. This is as real as life gets.”  And for those few hours on a weekly basis, they forget about self. Everything else is left behind and the focus becomes the bike and the team.

Susan was brand-new to the WE CAN team in 2016. She really was a newbie to biking as well.  She describes showing up in a bike that was not conducive to long rides. Here she was at 52 years old, only having ridden a bike as a youngster, self-described as “not especially athletic”, and taking on this 62 mile challenge!  Susan spent time with the team; however, Ruth and Andi quickly took her under their wings. They coached her on some of the finer points of biking and Susan is proud to point out, she now rides a road bike.

Susan quickly mentions that the fundraising feels like a challenge to many potential riders, but it’s not!  Susan has successfully used social media to recruit both support and donations.  Here is a video she shared as a “Thank You” during last year’s Last Gasp season.

Susan is grateful that Andi entrusted her to become the co-captain this year and she feels deeply honored to take on the additional challenge. She loves being instrumental in the WE CAN biking community. Susan has never been one to stand on the sidelines. She reaches out, gets involved, and helps others. 

Susan loves to connect with like-minded people.  She is currently training for a triathlon for the second consecutive year.  She is quick to mention that she is interested in speaking with anyone who has undertaken any portion of a 100 mile walk (Camino pilgrimage route) as that is on her bucket list. She will friend you on Facebook if you’d like to see what she is up to.

Advice for others?  With conviction Susan says, “Just do it!”