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Women typically contact WE CAN –Women’s Empowerment through Cape Area Networking– in crisis, with multiple issues that often result from a difficult transition (e.g., divorce, loss of spouse, bankruptcy). Participants tell us that our practical services provide essential support at a time when they need it most. Repeatedly we hear, “I have no place else to turn.”

Through an interconnected set of programs and a vast knowledge bank of Cape-wide resources, WE CAN offers caring support, empowerment and hope to Cape Cod women, their families and, ultimately, the community.

WE CAN services usually begin with a phone conversation or a scheduled face to face meeting with one of WE CAN’s program staff. This helps a woman to sort out her needs, understand her options, prioritize next steps and begin to stabilize her situation.

For example, a recent woman going through a difficult divorce was helped to access a free 30-minute session with an attorney who specializes in divorce and family law. She also attended a Divorce Boot Camp workshop, enrolled in the Pathmakers Program and became part of our 6-week Divorce Support Group.

Another example is the participant who had recently been terminated – without notice – from a job. We connected her to our special liaison at Career Opportunities in Hyannis, who then assisted her in entering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program, with a job waiting for her at the end.

In the words of another participant, “WE CAN is a lifeline. There are a lot of services out there but WE CAN is unique. ” 


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