YOU can make a true difference in the lives of Cape women
and their families through volunteering at WE CAN.

“Witnessing the power of mutual support, and being part of it –
it doesn’t get much better than that!”  Susan L.


With just a small paid staff, volunteers are the heart and soul of WE CAN. We are able to provide our programs because so many individuals step up and offer their talents and services to our small organization.

WE CAN is Service Enterprise Certified! WE CAN engages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on our social mission! This means that we make every effort to utilize the special skills and talents of each of our volunteers.  In 2016, WE CAN volunteers and staff members participated in training and a certification process with MA Service Alliance. Participating organization are offered an opportunity to renew its certification every three years.

There are a myriad of ways that community members can volunteer for WE CAN, including, but not limited to, providing:

  • legal servicesSE_CERTIFIED_LOGO_16_18
  • career counseling and work support
  • mentoring
  • financial counseling
  • office support
  • providing workshops
  • leading support groups
  • special service volunteers
  • assistance with publications and website
  • data entry and tabulation
  • serving as event volunteers
  • and much, much more.

Please consider joining this dedicated group of volunteers and bringing your skills and expertise to WE CAN. We promise you that you will gain as much from the experience as we will!

To volunteer, please fill out this form.

Click here for a list of our current volunteers.

Not sure how you can help? We’ll figure it out together!

Contact us at or telephone 508.430.8111.