More than 20 years of

empowering women

Since 2001, WE CAN has supported and empowered women going through life transitions and challenges. We serve women of all ages providing unique, free services, referrals and resources to help foster independence and create lasting positive change.

Voices of WE CAN

Voices of WE CAN

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Hear the powerful VOICES of Gabrielle, Katherine and Deidre, three of our participants who shared their stories of empowerment and how WE CAN helped them on their journey to build pathways to stability and self-sufficiency in their lives.

Our Services

WE CAN’s mix of programs, workshops, and services are tailored to each woman’s needs, with the goal of fostering independence. Over 70% of participants receive more than one service from WE CAN.

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Legal Services

Family law, elder law, landlord & tenant issues, bankruptcy, wills & estates, guardianship and more



Programs facilitated by experts on a variety of topics to help women move forward in their lives

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Work & Career Support

Job search, resume building, career/business related issues


Mentoring & Personal Development

Programs include personal development and our PathMakers mentoring program


Financial Empowerment

Budgeting, debt management and financial knowledge


Small Business Support

Support for women in business and women-owned businesses

WE CAN gave me peace in the form of clarity, and hope in the form of information with no judgement. I felt heard, accepted, and empowered to move forward.

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