Help support WE CAN by donating a specific amount each month.

Making a Difference Every Month

Jennifer Armandi

Why did you become a WE CAN Champion?
When you hear the word philanthropy, we often think of gifting large sums of money – something I aspire to be able to do, but not the circumstance I’m currently in. The Champion program was the first program I’d heard of in our area that offered a range of monthly financial support options to continue the mission and work of WE CAN. Knowing how costs continually rise and margins are consistently compressed, this is my small way of contributing to the financial health of WE CAN.

Mim Goldberg

What inspired you most about WE CAN?
The idea of an organization that helps and empowers women needing support in their lives.

Why did you become a WE CAN Champion?
I sincerely believe in the goals and objectives of this organization and personally have seen the positives outcomes that occur as part of my involvement.


a month supports an information and referral call


 a month supports a personal development workshop session


a month supports a one to one consultation on legal, financial or work support


a month supports a 10 month life changing PathMakers Mentoring Program

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