When Cynthia moved to Cape Cod in 2013, a close friend with a special affinity for WE CAN told her, “You have six months to get settled in and then you are going to volunteer for WE CAN.” Cynthia did just that, jumping in with both feet. Cynthia started as an office volunteer that first year, driving from her home in Falmouth to the WE CAN office in Harwich Port on a weekly basis. She attends most major WE CAN events, is a Champion monthly donor, and conducts outreach at community events. In 2014 and 2015 she rode with the WE CAN team in The Last Gasp 62-mile bike event, and she has been a mentor in both the Harwich and Falmouth PathMakers Programs. Cynthia states simply, “I do what I can.”

Immediately, Cynthia was drawn to the mission of WE CAN and especially liked that WE CAN is not about giving money, but more about offering Cape women education and services. This provides participants with tools and hope during a time of transition. She also felt immediately comfortable on all levels in the office, with staff, other volunteers, and the WE CAN participants. She observed, “Honestly, women are so forthright with their stories, how can you not want to respond with compassion!” She observes that women are so courageous to make that first call and she responds by encouraging hope. She remains committed and knows that her volunteer work at a local level can make a real difference in womens’ lives.

When asked why she became a Champion donor, Cynthia explained: “I wanted to show my lasting commitment to the mission of WE CAN and because I have been involved long enough to know the importance of a consistent flow of money each month to the running of the organization and the ability to plan.”

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