Information & Referral

WE CAN provides information about and referrals to a broad range of other Cape organizations with already established, relevant expertise and services.

Information & Referral services are available 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday. Calling the WE CAN office at 508.430.8111 is the best way to begin the process of gathering information and deciding on next steps. WE CAN offers staff members who are native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. Call for details.

Examples of the range of calls that WE CAN often receives include women seeking information on:

A variety of legal issues

Financial advice and resources

Support around job loss

Overview of bankruptcy

Resources to find work and/or stable housing

Scholarships for returning to school

Issues related to divorce

Support following the loss of a spouse

WE CAN Acts as a Hub

Rather than duplicate services, WE CAN acts as a hub, referring to organizations who already provide needed services and establishing new, otherwise not provided, services and programs.

Whenever possible, we make connections with the appropriate person in the referred-to organization to ensure that the women we refer don’t “fall through the cracks.” Always say, “WE CAN sent me!”

There are many ways to Support WE CAN.

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