Jan Darcy Rides the Last Gasp

“Experiencing the WE CAN community has been a transforming experience for me. I now have the freedom to be fearless, which allows me to meet whatever challenge living my life brings.”

Jan Darcy is self-employed as a recruiter, sourcing engineering candidates for businesses in the greater Boston area. Jan especially likes that she manages to avoid a 9 – 5 or cubicle existence!

Almost forty years ago, Jan arrived on Cape Cod with three children under the age of four. She took advantage of services she was eligible for until her youngest entered school. Then for the next thirty years, her pattern became full-time overnight crew (for pay & benefits), sent the kids to school, worked at market research from home during the daytime, fixed dinner, grabbed some sleep, off to the overnight job and repeat process.

The PathMakers Mentoring Program was Jan’s first experience with WE CAN services. She wanted to create a more fulfilling life for herself and that was just the start. Next she joined the GROW program for women who have recently started a business. As a positive result of her participation, she was able to leave her overnight position and concentrate on building her business.

No surprise that Jan decided to ride in the Last Gasp with Team WE CAN. She is pictured above – front and center – with team members on a recent training ride. That 62 mile ride is looking very doable. To accomplish her objectives, Jan will always look for another angle, take another step, and just breathe.

“WE CAN is an amazing organization of incredible people. I’d like to pay back for all I’ve gained – and build new friendships and vitality – which is kind of how WE CAN functions – everyone grows and everyone wins.”

Please consider supporting Jan’s ride and WE CAN Riders who have been training regularly from spring forward…

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