Join, Conquer, and Enjoy with WE CAN’s Team at The Gasp!

Last September, only recently after retiring to the Cape, Paul and Pauline Munroe watched as riders for The Gasp rode by their Yarmouth Port home. The couple had always liked to bike, and inspired by that glimpse of The Gasp, decided to join the WE CAN team for this year’s ride. They loved that they could raise money for a local charity they felt passionate about, that the fundraising goals were feasible, and that the WE CAN team was a supportive, close knit environment. At the training rides hosted by the team, Paul and Pauline felt encouraged and supported in their training, having never done a ride of this length before. “We are blown away by those other riders, there are quite a few people older than us, their strength is so encouraging,” they explained, “[The other riders] all have a unique sense of gratefulness and charity, from all different walks of life … some of them volunteer at WE CAN and some of them benefit from it.”

Paul and Pauline were impressed by the resources provided by WE CAN to women on the Cape, Pauline having gone to a volunteer information session before the two decided to join the team for The Gasp. The Gasp allowed them to support an organization they admired while rekindling a love of biking, something they used to do together when they first started dating. In regards to riding The Gasp together, Paul explained that, “We’ve been a divide and conquer kind of couple for a long time, so this is a nice change, now that we’re retired, it’s nice to be able to do some things together.” For the Munroe’s, The Gasp and the WE CAN team in particular has allowed them to spend time together, explore the Cape, and be part of a supportive team of “everyday heroes.” Paul said it best, describing his and Pauline’s experience so far,“Instead of dividing and conquering, we’re joining and conquering.”

Paul and Pauline’s story is only one of many diverse riders that decide to “Bike, Boat, and Bake” with The Gasp. A ride for everyone, The Gasp is open to riders of all different experiences – from the recreational rider to those who haven’t been on a bike in years! This is the perfect time to join the WE CAN team’s training rides and make the leap. The Gasp allows riders to truly explore the beauty of Cape Cod on a bike and support an array of Cape Cod organizations, including WE CAN.

Ride The Gasp with WE CAN on September 15, 2019. Make new friends, participate in a supportive training experience, and have fun! When finished with the ride, riders enjoy a boat ride across Cape Cod Bay and a lobster bake with teammates, family, and friends!

To join in on the fun, ask questions, and join us on the next training ride, contact Andi.
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