Make the Ride Yours with WE CAN’s Team for The Gasp!

As an employee of WE CAN for four years, Tracy Johnson was familiar with The Gasp and felt that now was the time to both challenge herself and support the organization by joining the team. “I believe very much in the mission of the organization, not just what we do but the way that it’s done, the way people are treated when they come here.  And I think we’re a unique organization in terms of how we respond to women’s needs and I really support that, I really like that about us.”

Although she hasn’t been on too many of the training rides just yet, Tracy has already found a supportive and encouraging community with the WE CAN team.  Tracy explained that, “Just because you can’t go as far or as fast, you never feel like there’s something wrong with you or that you’re never going to get there. Everyone’s really supportive and helpful, with lots of good advice and experience, and they’re fun, it’s a great group of people, I’m meeting people I never knew before so you develop relationships as well.”

Tracy chose to ride The Gasp not just because of WE CAN, but because of the fun and encouraging nature of the ride itself. Because The Gasp was further than she’d ever ridden before, Tracy wanted to “challenge myself in a way that wasn’t going to be too difficult … On the training rides people have told me, ‘you know on the day of the ride, this isn’t a race,’ and I don’t want to be in a race … My ride is kind of my ride. It’s an opportunity to push myself for something that’s really important to me.”

Support our riders; support WE CAN and many other Cape organizations.

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