Personal Development

WE CAN offers several Personal Development series to help women move forward in their lives. The programs are facilitated by life coaches. They are generally offered late fall and early winter for about eight weeks.

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Design Your Life

Design Your Life is an 8-week transformative series to empower women to design the life they want to live. Are you ready to take your life to a new level and get the results you truly desire? This is for you, whether you want to build a fulfilling career or business, cultivate passion, achieve optimal health, create financial abundance, enjoy rewarding relationships, or take on any other goal in your life. The Design Your Life workshop will show you a new way of thinking, and what to do to reach your dream. Kathy Robbins, LICSW, PCC leads the workshop, which is offered on a periodic basis.

From Surviving to Thriving

From Surviving to Thriving is a popular 8-week program designed to bring women out from behind what holds them back, focus on what is important for them and their family, understand what can helps them get and stay balanced, and to identify available opportunities. Upon completion of this workshop series, in addition to developing new skills and ideas, participants will have developed a one-month plan, a six- month plan, and a one-year plan to achieve their goals. Certified Professional Life Coach Maggie French leads the workshop, which is offered on a periodic basis.

Evolve: 8 Weeks to Generate Self-Trust and Confidence in Life's Ever Constant Change

Evolve is an 8-week long coaching course for women of all ages who crave change and are preparing to take action. During these sessions, community will be created and there will be thoughtful conversations in a safe space to build self-trust and more confidence.  Explore ways to better connect with your natural intuitions and inner intelligence that will help you relate to the world in an authentic and inspiring way.

We continue to add Personal Development programs and pilot new approaches. Check our calendar and emails for details.

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