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WE CAN is Always Here for You

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

WE CAN has been serving women on Cape Cod for over twenty years, and although the last two years have been challenging, we have never waivered in our commitment to help those who reach out to us. Here are a few stories, out of hundreds, of how we helped women who called us recently.

Miranda reached out to WE CAN when her former spouse filed a motion in court claiming she was in contempt of their custody agreement and included unfounded accusations against her. Not feeling prepared, Miranda was so downhearted she was prepared to negotiate just so the motion would be dropped. Her meeting with a WE CAN volunteer attorney prepared her to go to court. She told us later that knowing her rights enabled her to represent herself in the proceeding and prove she was not in contempt. She stood strong and didn't negotiate a new arrangement that was not in the best interests of her child. Miranda told us, "Knowledge is power. I got valuable advice and empowerment that I would not have had access to otherwise. I'm so thankful."

"I feel very fortunate to have been put in contact with your organization during an extremely difficult time in my life. I have been met with compassion and empathy."

Grace lost her job of 20 years when her position was eliminated due to the pandemic. She immediately reached out to WE CAN, seeking help updating her resume from one of our career support volunteers, and also guidance from a volunteer financial advisor about budgeting. At a later date, she attended a WE CAN workshop series for job seekers. On the last day of the workshop, Grace received a job offer, and she took the opportunity to utilize some newly-learned skills to negotiate a higher salary. When she took the job, she wrote to us, "I contacted WE CAN the very first week my life turned upside-down, and used many of WE CAN's services, and everyone has been more than helpful. The staff and volunteers gave me help, reassurance, and referrals. Thanks again so much... kudos to you and your team!"

On a visit to elderly relatives recently, Josie became concerned about caregiving arrangement she observed - it did not seem safe to her. The situation was complex, and she feared her relatives would be taken advantage of. She called WE CAN, and we were able to help her break down the priorities, and then suggest several local services for support. Josie then mentioned that her mother had died not so long ago, and she was feeling bereft. We gave Josie additional suggestions for services to help her through her grief, including WE CAN programs, as well as others offered through other organizations. Josie told us, “This is why I call WE CAN. When I have a problem where I don’t know what to do, you help me figure out my first steps.”

Sometimes a WE CAN service or program is less important than the connection that is made when someone reaches out. Here's a letter we received recently in appreciation of a volunteer who talked to Sally about her difficult situation. "The compassion you and the organization have shown me is incredibly motivating. To me, that's the most meaningful thing you could have done, and I am grateful - regardless if the news is good or bad. It's been a terrible couple of years for me, but I am glad my sister suggested I reach out. Having that compassionate conversation brightened my day. Thank you again."

It was our pleasure to offer Miranda, Grace, Josie, and Sally some assistance on their individual journeys. Because we try and provide empowerment, those journeys are not over - they will take it from here. But with knowledge, referrals, prioritizing, and compassion, we believe they are well on their way - and it was our pleasure to play a part on that journey.

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