WE CAN Changes Lives

WE CAN provides services to thousands of women of all ages undergoing challenging life transitions. Our unique, practical services foster independence and empower women to create lasting, positive change for themselves, their families, and ultimately, our entire community.

WE CAN services:

Legal Services

including family law, elder law, landlord and tenant issues, bankruptcy, wills and estates, guardianship, etc.

Financial Counseling and Empowerment

including budgeting, debt management and financial knowledge,

Career Support

including job search, resume building, career/business related issues

Small Business Support

Support for women-owned businesses

Personal Development

Programs facilitated by life coaches, to help women move forward in their lives.


An 8-month program for women who are in transition, starting Fall 2021.

"WE CAN gave me peace in the form of clarity, and hope in the form of information with no judgement. I felt heard, accepted, and empowered to move forward."

There are many ways to Support WE CAN.

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