A woman called from the Lower Cape. Her sister had recently died. She was not only struggling emotionally but also with the probate process. She had called many organizations and could not get any help. Finally, she called WE CAN. She met with an attorney at WE CAN who was able to direct her how to go about filing the Objection and the needed paperwork. The court accepted her filing and a pre-trial hearing was set. Without the WE CAN attorney’s assistance, she would have had no chance of fighting this.
In her own words via email: “Today is my sister’s birthday. She would have been 67. Thanks to your kindness I’m pleased to say that the Probate Court and all involved parties will be receiving the official Court papers along with my Affidavit today. The expert professional advice and assistance from the Attorney helped me finish a very challenging and required document on a timely basis. Bless you and all of WE CAN for your important roles in people’s lives.”

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