The Last Gasp

The Last Gasp is an annual 62 mile bike trek from the Sandwich to Provincetown. From WE CAN Team Member Kathy Robbins, “For every mile I pedaled, I knew a woman would be helped. And watching my team members cross the finish line, after training all summer, is so satisfying and exciting. The shared experience enhances the event tenfold.”

The Last Gasp through the Eyes of Susan Mabile

Susan Mabile became involved in the Last Gasp at the recommendation of a friend. She saw it as a good way to challenge herself. Additionally, the team building came at a time when she was seeking meaningful, personal connections with new friends. She observes that some may be there for a reason beyond the biking. “They may not tell you, but I can sense it. This is as real as life gets.” And for those few hours on a weekly basis, they forget about self. Everything else is left behind and the focus becomes the bike and the team.

Advice for others? With conviction Susan says, “Just do it!”

Please take a moment to acknowledge all of our 2017 Sponsors.
The great success of this fundraising event depends on their generosity.

Brandon “Big Show” Showalter

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