About Tracy Johnson

Program Manager

Tracy Johnson was born and raised on the Connecticut shoreline and moved to the Cape from Northwestern Connecticut in 2012, upon her retirement from service to the State of Connecticut, fulfilling a long time dream for her and her spouse to return to the water.

The combination of education, life experience and the support of various circles of women have all served to guide her journey and to ultimately prepare her for her work with WECAN.

Tracy comes to WE CAN from a career working initially with incarcerated persons, female and male, from all backgrounds and circumstances, and ultimately with the formerly incarcerated toward personal empowerment and reintegration into family and community life.  For several years her work involved making the possibility of moving to one’s home state during this process a reality through her role in managing the Interstate Compact Unit of the agency.  She also served as the agency’s Training Coordinator for a period of several years.

Recognizing a passion for working with people in transition, Tracy pursued a degree in Human Services which was a stepping stone to her career path.  As a single mother making her way on her own, she found the support of similarly situated women invaluable.  Wanting to further her education, she joined an accelerated program at the University of Hartford; receiving a BA in Women’s Studies in 2000.  It was at this time that she made the transition to working in a community setting, using her accumulated knowledge to focus on programming specifically designed for women.  Tracy came to see her work as more of a vocation in this process and chose a seminary experience in order to understand this sense more deeply.  She received a Master of Arts in Spirituality from Hartford Seminary in 2009 and went on to pursue a Master of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological School, which she completed in 2014.   The Rev. Tracy Johnson was recently granted Preliminary Fellowship through the Unitarian Universalist Association and ordained into ministry on December 6, 2015.

Throughout her education and the relationships developed through shared life stories she has realized her own worth and has sought to engage others in a process where they are able to see themselves in a new light.  As a WE CAN volunteer, she has witnessed first-hand the value of the organization in providing grounding and resources for women on Cape Cod.  It is the kind of agency she wishes was available to her so many years ago.  As Program Manager for WE CAN’s PathMaker Program, Tracy hopes to provide a safe environment for women to discover their deepest selves, define their goals and move toward a place of continued thriving.

Tracy can be found gardening, cycling, walking the beach and trails with her spouse and their rescue dog, Emma, or curled up with a good book when not at WE CAN.  She has a passion for good food and quiet times that supply balance to a busy life.

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