WE CAN Stories

Participants share their stories for the purpose of helping other women to see that they are not alone. They know that hope is just a phone call away. There is someone at WE CAN waiting to listen to your story.

A woman from the Mid-Cape came to WE CAN for a work support appointment. She was having trouble finding work with her Admin background. She met with one of our work support volunteers who helped her jumpstart her search. In her own words to the WE CAN Work Support Volunteer: “After our meeting this past Friday, I went straight to work revamping my resume. Then, I hit the internet looking for opportunities. I left a voicemail for a Real Estate company on Saturday and on Sunday received a call, interviewed yesterday and 5 minutes ago received a call for a final interview!! I owe a lot of this to you. I needed a push and you were there. I am so grateful. 6 days later: Got the job! !
A participant who attended the WE CAN’s Falmouth Family Legal Consults, felt so uplifted by her experience that she called the next day.

She referred to the day several times as “a real blessing” and felt sure that there would be more blessings to come. She was very grateful to all and felt she was treated with dignity and respect. In the past, she had reached out to other organizations but did not feel heard or valued.

I am an elderly woman suffering from Parkinson’s and memory problems. A friend helped me get to WE CAN’s office where I’ve gotten help sorting through my piles of paperwork. They helped me fill out a Homestead Act application to protect my home. WE CAN also helped me fill out health care proxy forms and gave me information on filing a will. I feel much safer in my life now, and not alone.
Yesterday I had a meeting for work support with a WE CAN volunteer. I’m writing to thank you, all the women of WE CAN, for doing what you do! What I received from that meeting was priceless! Sure I got leads such as names of people to contact and web sites to explore but the volunteer gave me hope and renewed energy to push forward with my idea and confidence that I can take something that I’m very passionate about and make it a reality. No amount of money could buy what she freely shared with me. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and grateful that your organization exists to support and lift up women who need the help.
A granddaughter who had visited her grandmother regularly in a Cape nursing home called in a panic. As the closest relative, the nursing home began sending her bills and asking her to make decisions about her grandmother’s care and later funeral. WE CAN set up a legal consult with an elder law volunteer attorney. Upon learning she was not responsible for these bills she expressed relief. At a later visit she shared “I went in and said exactly what the lawyer told me to say, and it worked!”
I joined the PathMakers program looking for a change. My goal was to buy my own home. My mentor helped me with job search ideas, role playing for interviewing and eventually, I found a job I liked. She went with me to a financial advisor who helped me set up a budget to meet my goals and plan for the future. I have recently been pre-approved for an FHA home loan and am looking for my dream home!

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