Why I Volunteer

Muska Yousuf began volunteering as an attorney with WE CAN just last fall. Although fairly new to WE CAN, she is already quite involved with providing Cape women with legal answers. Muska offers 30-minute evening legal consultations on a monthly basis for WE CAN participants. She also offers an occasional legal workshop. When asked what motivates her to volunteer, she states “It is my desire to give back to the Cape community.” She further described her family’s roots to Cape Cod. Her immediate family arrived in the 1980’s after fleeing the war in Afghanistan. The community wrapped itself around her family providing both emotional support and other comforts. Although she was only 2 years old at the time, these kindnesses are deeply remembered by her older siblings and parents.

Muska is aware that many who do not qualify for pro bono services, simply do not earn enough to pay the customary legal fees. She provides volunteer legal services for WE CAN and for two Lawyer of the Day programs. Additionally, through her Cape-based practice, she offers reduced services through LAR (Limited Assistance Representation). Muska considers herself lucky to be on the giving side as a volunteer. WE CAN and all who know her feel equally lucky.

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