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YOUR Voice

Your Voice is Important to WE CAN.

WE CAN was founded in 2001 to empower Cape Cod women by providing unique services that inspire hope and bring increased stability, self-sufficiency, and opportunity to their lives.


WE CAN annually serves more than 2,100 women across Cape Cod with free and confidential legal services, employment and business support, financial empowerment, mentoring, and personal development programs.


We are embarking upon a strategic planning process to define priorities and activities for the
three years between 2023 - 2025. As a valued stakeholder of WE CAN, we hope you will
complete the following survey as input to the process. The survey will take between 5-20
minutes of your time depending on how much narrative input you choose to provide
This survey is the first stage of the strategic planning project where we hope to capture ideas
and broad themes from diverse stakeholders. The information from this survey will be used as
inputs to a more detailed set of discussions and decisions that will inform WE CAN’s strategy as we look ahead to the future. 
Click here to take the survey in English

Haga clic aqui para tomar la encuesta en Español

Clique aqui para responder a pesquisa em Português

Please complete the survey by July 15, 2022. Thank you for your participation!

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