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Comforting Hands

About Us

Our Mission

WE CAN empowers and supports Cape Cod women to build pathways to  self-sufficiency and stability.

Our Vision

Any woman on Cape Cod who seeks to improve the condition of her life knows that WE CAN is the leading source to guide her journey toward her personal goals. Upon entering the community of WE CAN, participants experience an empowering, respectful, and safe environment where unique, tailored services address each woman’s needs. 

About Us

WE CAN (Women’s Empowerment through Cape Area Networking) was founded in 2001 to empower Cape Cod women by providing unique services that inspire hope and bring increased stability, self-sufficiency, and opportunity to their lives. WE CAN serves over 2,000 women each year across Cape Cod with free and confidential legal services, employment and business support, financial empowerment, mentoring, and personal development programs.

With a small staff, our work is made possible through the commitment and dedication of 300 active volunteers including volunteer attorneys, employment specialists, and financial professionals. More than 600 individual donors, businesses, and private foundations generously support the organization through annual gifts, monthly sustaining support, grants and event sponsorship.   

At a time when it seemed like I was drowning, WE CAN was the lifeguard I desperately needed. All my questions were answered, and then some.

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