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WE CAN changes lives

WE CAN provides free and confidential services to women experiencing challenging transitions in their lives.


Our unique, practical services foster independence and empower women to create lasting, positive change for themselves, their families, and ultimately, our entire community.

The volunteer was very effective and got down to business to help me work the 'fog' of my financial issues. I am so relievedThe quality of the staff and services is impressive.

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Legal Services

Family law, elder law, landlord & tenant issues, bankruptcy, wills & estates, guardianship and more



Programs facilitated by experts on a variety of topics to help women move forward in their lives

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Work & Career Support

Job search, resume building, career/business related issues


Mentoring & Personal Development

Programs include personal development and our PathMakers mentoring program


Financial Empowerment

Budgeting, debt management and financial knowledge

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Your Business

A peer mentoring program to support women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

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