Women empowering women is at the heart of

WE CAN’s PathMakers Mentoring Program. 

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WE CAN’s signature mentoring program spans ten months (from September – June) and offers one-to-one and group mentoring for women. The program focuses on setting and achieving individual goals, as well as mutual learning and support. Women (called PathMakers) seeking mentors are paired with Mentoring Partners through a speed dating-like process that guides the PathMaker in being completely involved in the selection of her Mentoring Partner (in August).  This process allows PathMakers an opportunity to meet and talk with a number of potential Mentoring Partners and to indicate their preference.  We are offering this worthwhile program in Falmouth, as well as Harwich!!

The Mentoring Partners are volunteers who have a broad array of life experiences as well as knowledge, skills, and a strong desire to support PathMakers on their journey of transition and personal growth. Each PathMaker and Mentoring Partner pair meets individually and the entire PathMaker group comes together monthly for workshops.  These monthly workshops cover topics such as personal visioning, goal setting, leadership development, stress reduction, conflict resolution, and other topics of interest to the group.  In addition, there are monthly meetings for the Mentoring Partners to facilitate sharing experiences with each other and to help support them in their roles as mentors.

Some examples of what recent PathMaker graduates have accomplished include: publishing books, returning to school, securing new jobs, starting their own businesses, launching or changing careers, buying homes, and acquiring funding for major renovations. Many also join the program for added support as they travel through a difficult life transition such as a serious illness, personal loss, or challenging divorce. To read the program coordinator’s remarks and description at year-end celebration click here.

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