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Volunteers are the

heart and soul of WE CAN

There are myriad ways that people volunteer for WE CAN, including:

Legal Volunteers • Mentors • Financial Empowerment Volunteers • Office Volunteers • Work Support Volunteers • Workshop/Group Facilitators • Event Volunteers • Other

WE CAN is able to provide its programs because so many individuals step up and offer their talents and services to our small organization. YOU can make a true difference in the lives of Cape women and their families through volunteering at WE CAN.

Interested in volunteering?

Please fill out a form to begin. Once entered, it will be automatically emailed to WE CAN’s Volunteer Manager. It may take a week or more for you to receive a response, not due to lack of interest but simply due to time constraints. Thank you for your interest!

Our Volunteers


Patricia Anglin

Lisa Berman 
Lynn Carlson 

Dee A Citrin

Leslie Dealy

Nancy Frances Frary

Mim Goldberg

Honora Goldstein

Judy Harrington

Lindsay Harvey

Lee Anne Hesse

Olivia Miller

Janis Price

Rhonni Vazquez

Judith Wilchynski


Katie Brennan Kane

Grace Carey

Peg Clarkin
Joan Condon

Amanda Constant

Jean Davock

Elyse DeGroot

Cathy Elliott

Jeanne Fallon

Karen Gallagher

Nancy Glennon

Susan Gotschewski

Sharon Hawkins

Michaela Herlihy

Paul Heslinga

Laura Hunt

Denise Jay
Jody Johnson
Michael Karchmer

Beth Klein

Jenni Landers

Nancy Maguire

Pam Marsh

Pat Marti

Margaret McLaughlin

Holly Mohre
Arlene Newman

Wendy Northcross

Robbin Orbison

Gail Oppenheim
Ted Parke
Barbara Panora

Ceci Phelan-Stiles
Rebecca Rosenzweig
Linda Savage

Janet Taylor

John Todd

Ellen Yaffe


Lea Benson
Tracey Brennan-Reale
Linda Cebula

Annmarie Edwards

Anna Hays

Blair Krosel

Susan Lemieux
Kate Nyari
Diane Pansire

Olympia Ramos

Sarrah Samraoui

Lorraine Saviano
Pat Sylvia-Gonsalves

Bob Tranchell
Tracy Westgate

David Winther

Johanna Zarra


Josie Ackell

Judy Adams

Mahwish Dar
Cynthia Dauphin

Amanda De Oliveira
Margi Eckhouse

Andi Falzone

Emma Giguere

Jean Guyader

Susanne Hughes

Mary Keating
Myra Killeen
Maggi Lubov
Connie McLean-Stead
Jane Porter
Melissa Tassinari
Sharon Tennstedt
Marion Weeks
Anne Wyckoff


Georgia Autorino

Jill Avery

Susan Battles

Meredith Beaton-Starr

Molly Bechtel

​Allison Vecchione Bruton
Lane Byrd
Bill Bystrom
Tilda Bystrom
Lynn Comandich
Helen Coombs
Tracy Dart

Cynthia Dauphin
Joan Freedman

Donna Geheb
Sue Geremia

Joan Greene
Joan Holden

Wendy Hyde

Colleen Kettle
Susan Kosoff

Pam Kukla
Kerrin LaFrance

Anne LeClaire

Robin Martin

Jeffrey Moore
Peggy Nye

Courtney Polhemus

Kim Roderiques

Deborah Saliba

Greg Smith

Elizabeth Wetherbe-Klein

Alecia Wright

Peg Underhill

Fran Zielger


Christina Hepner-Brodie
Christina Bologna
Katie Cole

Jessica Coyle

Katie Curran
Julie Desorgher
Kristin Kinsella

Victoria Kolbe

Charlotte Kreutzer

Kim Marchand
Kathe McDonough

Jean Mojo
Jacquie Scarbrough
Cheryl Schley
Virginia Auciello Sullivan

Katie Townsend

Christine Washburn


Patricia Altomare

Pamela Andersen

Ruth Anderson-Zabre

Patricia Anglin

Gabriella Bonfirm Moraes

Tracey Brennan-Reale

Lauren Connolly

Catherine Cullen

Julie DeSorgher

Erica Dunn

Savannah Fabbio

Shayna Ferullo

Holly Harney

Acqua Hildebrand

Laurie Maul

Kristen Menard

Anna Merrill

Jean Mojo

Julie Moore

Neila Neary

Nicole Norkevicius

Tracy O'Neill

Chantal Hayes Rice

Thomas Rockwell

Kristen Rufo

Tim Schnelle

Tracy Shaughnessy

Beth Suereth

Virginia Auciello Sullivan

Katie Townsend

Linda Whittlesey

Muska Yousuf

Johanna Zarra


Ruth Anderson-Zabre
Jay Barry
Jitka Borowick
Jane Bourette
Jodi Conway
Pam Feeney
Barbara Fish
Andi Genser
Lisa Guyon
Ann Henderson
Hazel Holbrook
Sidney Horton
John Landers
Robert Laundry
Paul Munroe
Pauline Munroe
Darlene Perkins
Jane Porter
Tom Sacco
Stephanie Soares
Diane Todd
Connie Van Rheenen
Tom Wilson

As a volunteer, witnessing the power of mutual support and being part of it - it doesn't get much better than that!

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