WE CAN offers workshops throughout the year. Topics range from job search techniques to managing stress. Workshops are led by community experts. To attend a workshop, please register by calling 508-430-8111 or emailing

It feels empowering to be in control of my own finances!

Family Law Overview

Thursday, October 21

6 – 7:30 PM

Museum on the Green, Falmouth

Facilitated by WE CAN volunteer Holly Harney

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Join us for this free workshop which will cover "Everything women want to know about Family Law but are afraid to ask."


Topics include custody, support, and divorce – with an overview of key legal terms. There will be time set aside for questions.

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Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, November 11
10 AM – 12 PM, via Zoom

Facilitated by WE CAN volunteer Shayna Ferullo

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Learn how to use Instagram & Facebook for business; plan and optimize social media to market your brand, grow your followers, and reach potential customers.


Topics include: creating an effective profile, various tools and uses within each platform, trends, content planning, posting strategies and photography tips.

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Mind Over Money

Tuesday, November 2
6 – 7:30 PM, via Zoom

Facilitated by WE CAN volunteer Tracey Brennan-Reale

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This free workshop will cover why money so often intimidates us, and how to change your relationship with money and take control of your finances. Exercises will help you decipher what money means to you, to enable you to feel that you control your money - and not the other way around.

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Caregiving Despite Relationship Tension

Wednesday, November 17
10 AM – 12 PM, via Zoom

Facilitated by WE CAN volunteers Beth Suereth and Sarabeth Persiani

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Who is helping you as you help a family member manage a health condition? Juggling everything was hard before the pandemic, but it’s harder than ever now. This virtual session will focus on practical ways for you to manage the challenges you’re facing and the emotions you’re experiencing as you care for a family member or friend.


Topics include: The stages of caregiving and how that knowledge can reduce anxiety and stress; common caregiving pitfalls and ways to avoid/overcome them; simple stress reduction techniques to use at home in just minutes; and access to tools and free resources specifically for the family caregiving journey.

More Info: call 508-430-8111 or email