Celebrating 20 Years

of Empowering Women

WE CAN Celebrates 20 Years of Meeting Women’s Needs in Critical Times with the Launch of the 20th Anniversary Fund

The 20th Anniversary Fund is a donor-led effort to raise $500,000 to launch WE CAN's third decade of important work in the community, including new use of technology and programmatic efforts. 

The Board of Directors and Executive Director of WE CAN are grateful for the leadership of our Fund Co-Chairs:

Sandy Wycoff and Jeff Lang


THANK YOU to WE CAN’s Catalyst Donors who have made significant commitments to the 20th Anniversary Fund, helping us to reach our goal.



Mary Beth & Stephen Daniel


Colleen & Frank Kettle

Janet Taylor


Andi Genser

Lisa Guyon

Suzanne Lonergan & Steve Tellegen


Susan Lloyd

Teri & Bill Cavanagh

Joan & Richard Greene


Connie & Peter Lacaillade

Kristin A. Campbell Charitable Fund


Julie Moore



Jacquie & Lee Scarbrough


Sarah & Rick Wilsterman


Kathleen Joslin
David & Pam Troutman

Deborah & Arthur Pressman


Cynthia Hastings-Boffoli

Lisa Hennessy

Laurie Maul

Moira McDermott

Joleen Roe

WE CAN’s unique programs rely on the generous support of volunteers, and individual and business donors to provide free services, referrals and resources to help women foster independence and create lasting positive change in their lives.


Yes! We support WE CAN’s vital work in providing the tools that are helping women to realize their full potential, strengthening themselves, their families and their communities.

20th Anniversary Sponsors