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February 2024 Newsletter

WE CAN Hyannis location

As we approach the one year anniversary since opening our Hyannis WE CAN location, our expansion to Hyannis has not only become a haven for empowerment and support but has also woven us into the fabric of local community partnerships that truly exemplify the spirit of service.

This past year has given us to opportunity to work with Sharing Kindnessan extraordinary nonprofit organization that provides suicide prevention, mental health education and grief programs on the Cape & Islands. They have become a beacon of hope, sharing our space to offer group support to those affected by suicide. Their commitment to healing is a gift to our community, and we are proud to support their invaluable work.

We have also had the privilege of working with Cape Cod Foster Closet by acting as a Mid-Cape pickup location and have brought the generous offerings of the Cape Cod Foster Closet closer to those in need. Their dedication to providing clothing and resources to foster families and non-parent relatives raising children on the Cape is a testament to the power of community care. 

Our doors in Hyannis are more than an entry into a building; they are a gateway to partnership, support, and a brighter future for those we serve. Here's to many more years of service, collaboration, and community building.

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