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March 2024 Newsletter

As we embrace the spirit and theme of Women's History Month "Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion", WE CAN is proud to celebrate the countless courageous women who have tirelessly fought for equity, justice, and opportunity. This month, we are also pleased to celebrate not only the one-year anniversary of the opening of our second WE CAN location in Hyannis but also the work anniversaries of some exceptional individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping our mission.

Congratulations to Andreia Gurski, our Bilingual Program and Site Coordinator, and Lisa Guyon, our Executive Director, who are both celebrating an impressive five yearsof unwavering commitment to WE CAN. Their leadership, resilience, and dedication have been instrumental in guiding our organization towards empowering women on their journey to stability and self-sufficiency.

Left to right: Andreia Gurski, Lisa Guyon, & Tashane Lester
Left to right: Andreia Gurski, Lisa Guyon, & Tashane Lester

Additionally, we celebrate the one-year work anniversary of Tashane Lester, our Office and Operations Coordinator. Tashane's hard work and organizational skills have ensured the smooth functioning of our daily operations this past year.

With spring upon us, a season symbolic of renewals and new beginnings, we hope that the season brings a fresh wave of inspiration and growth to all those connected to WE CAN. Cheers to many more years of welcoming women into a safe, equitable, diverse and inclusive space as they address challenges and explore opportunities in their lives.

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