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PathMakers is Back!

Virginia Auciello Sullivan

Since 2011, WE CAN's PathMakers program has been empowering women to learn to love and believe in themselves so they can behave in a way that helps accomplish their goals. The PathMakers Program is a facilitator-led, peer mentoring program that uses a strengths-based approach to self-advocacy. It provides support, connections and a safe place for personal exploration and growth.

Each individual PathMaker selects a mentoring partner and together they work towards accomplishing a personal goal the PathMaker has selected for herself. Through monthly group meetings in the Mid-Cape, hosted and facilitated by WE CAN, all participants join together to engage in discussions on select topics ranging from self-compassion to understanding your personal gifts to creating a vision for the future.

"The PathMakers Program provided me with a group of women who started out as strangers and became a family who cried with each other, laughed with each other, cared about each other, supported each other, and were there for each other's tragic and triumphant moments."

Each PathMaker and mentoring partner meet outside of the group meetings at times convenient for them, to continue their work on the PathMaker’s personal goal. At the end of the eight month program, each woman emerges with new connections, new tools and resources, and a renewed confidence in accomplishing their goals.

"The PathMaker Program helped me to see that the thing I needed most was connection - to people in the community and to this beautiful place where we live. I did need structure and hope about my future, and help untangling a lot of things. But I needed to lay a foundation of support and friendship before any of that stuff would work.

The program will be facilitated by longtime WE CAN volunteer Virginia Auciello Sullivan. Virginia says, "I'm most looking forward to witnessing the transformative impact of the relationship for both the PathMaker and her mentoring partner. The journey all these women take through the program is amazing to be a part of."

PathMakers will run from September 2022 to May 2023. Learn more about this unique program, and see if you might want to participate, by attending an info session. Info sessions are appropriate for both potential PathMakers and potential mentors.

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