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Congratulations to Marina Mendoza-Burris!

Marina Mendoza-Burris joined WE CAN in November 2017, to manage our Work Support and GROW programs. This year, Marina was promoted to the new position of Program Manager of all one-to-one services at WE CAN. In this new role, Marina manages our legal, financial, work support, and business support one-to-one programs.

Originally from Sonora, Mexico, Marina has a degree in psychology from the University of Sonora, and worked as a social worker in Mexico before relocating to the U.S. Upon joining WE CAN, Marina used her experience and skills to grow our Work Support program from serving 175 women to over 250 women each year and created several new workshops offerings such as Optimize Your Linked In Profile and Develop a Professional Resume.

In her new role, she will manage a program that provides over 1,000 appointments each year offered through the generosity of more than 80 professional volunteers. Each volunteer provides expertise and guidance to our participants in an area of their specialty, whether it be legal, financial, career advice, or guidance for business owners.

“In Marina, we have a program leader who operates from the heart, believes deeply in our mission and who is capable of skillfully building and managing programs and a network of volunteers who are committed to making a difference.” said Lisa Guyon, Executive Director.

She is a natural leader with great instincts and a deep commitment to helping others.

Marina says she is very excited to grow into her new position and she is ready for the challenge. Everything she has learned thus far at WE CAN has prepared her for this role, she says, and to help meet women wherever they are on their journey. Marina says she is inspired by the women she’s met, their challenges, and their determination to transition into a better place for themselves and their families. Marina is also impressed by the volunteers with whom she interacts every day. “I’m always inspired by the level of commitment our volunteers have to our organization. I’m so grateful to be able to work among such a committed group of people who are always willing to offer their support, expertise, and time to our participants,” says Marina.

I’m always inspired by the level of commitment our volunteers have to our organization.

Marina is bilingual and a native speaker of Spanish. When Marina first moved to Cape Cod she taught Spanish classes and she and her husband also operate a jewelry store. Marina lives in Brewster, with her husband, their three children, and their dog, Lolly.

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