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WE CAN's Career Support Program

Resumes. Cover letters. Job interviews. Just reading those words can give some people anxiety. WE CAN is here to help! Our experienced Career Support volunteers can provide targeted advice to anyone seeking a job or a career change. From applying for a cashier job, to explaining a gap in a resume, to landing an executive position, our advisors have the know-how to help. Perhaps even more importantly, our volunteers bring a caring and empathetic approach to their work.

One participant who met with a WE CAN Career Support volunteer received both advice on revising her resume and coaching on interview skills - and she got the job. But when she realized the pay was not enough, the volunteer worked with her again, this time advising on how to ask for a better salary. And she got that, too! She tells us she loves her new job.

We love hearing feedback about our Career Support volunteers. One participant told us, "This session helped me way beyond my expectations. The volunteer took the time to read my whole resume and gave me specific ideas to bolster my candidacy and skill set. She shared creative ways to search for professional jobs given my limited job history. She patiently listened to my cover letters and was able to identify strengths I did not know I had! I felt so supported and hopeful. It was amazing."

Another said: "The volunteer was honestly curious about my passions and finding a job I might really enjoy. She gave me ideas on where to explore for job opportunities. By expanding my view of the possibilities, she opened up a wider range of paths to take. She also gave me manageable action steps to take right now. I left feeling strong, and much better about myself."

The admiration goes both ways, because our volunteers tell us they gain a great deal from the experience as well. One shared the following story: "My very first day volunteering, I spoke with a woman who was searching for a job in a very specific field. I had done a pre-emptive search and brought the results to her. One of the jobs was a perfect fit and she was able to apply for the position that day. Seeing the joy and hope in her eyes was incredibly uplifting. Knowing that I had a part in re-igniting her career re-ignites my passion to help others and reminds me that it doesn’t matter how small one act can be for us, it could mean the world to someone else."

Another volunteer told us she experienced a similar joy in providing these services. "I provide support to women going through difficult transitions – typically reentering the work force for a variety of reasons. Many of the women I work with start our sessions clearly frustrated. By the end they have greater clarity and more hope that they are equal to the tasks they need to accomplish. I often run into women several months later. They are so excited to talk about how they are working, doing better, feeling stronger. Every time I am filled with happiness for the women and with gratitude for the opportunity to have played a small part in their success."

In addition to resumes, cover letters and interview skills, volunteers can help with career exploration, job search strategies, networking, optimizing a Linked In profile, and even with scholarships and courses or trainings. Most one-on-one appointments are an hour, with the opportunity for follow-up sessions as needed. The first step is to call our office at 508-430-8111 to schedule a personalized appointment.

If you know someone who needs a little guidance about their career change or job search, please let them know about WE CAN's Career Support Program. They can call 508-430-8111 or email to make an appointment.

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