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WE CAN Stories

WE CAN's mission is

to empower and support Cape Cod women to build pathways to self-sufficiency and stability. Some people are in crisis – job loss, separating from a partner or a health issue, while others are looking for a change in circumstances. At WE CAN, we harness the collective expertise of our staff and volunteers to meet each woman’s unique request. In crisis situations, WE CAN provides options and information for women to make thoughtful and healthy decisions. Others we connect with our own legal, financial, career or business professional volunteers, who help them find the solutions they need. Below are just a few of the hundreds of stories we hear every year.

Gertrude is a woman living with her disabled son. Social security is her only income. She fell into debt during a difficult period, but is now making progress paying down her obligations, working with a debt consolidation company. However, one of her debtors won’t agree to the paydown plan. Gertrude contacted WE CAN out of concern her that her social security would be garnished, or her car dispossessed. We scheduled Gertrude to talk with an attorney so she could understand her rights.

Katari has a small business and came to WE CAN looking for advice in a few areas. She wanted to learn more about marketing, social media, websites, and Search Engine Optimization. She also wanted guidance on financial record keeping and planning for taxes. We were able to schedule her for our Small Business Marketing Workshop, as well as a 1:1 consult with a financial advisor.

Tallulah called us with a simple request. After years working overnights as a caregiver to seniors with special needs, she wanted a daytime work schedule. Tallulah enjoys helping others and wanted to stay in the health care field. We scheduled her with a career advisor to help her explore various career options, and to update her resume.

Rondi has worked hard to stay in recovery and has been clean and sober for some time. After her spouse was unfaithful, she is seeking a divorce. Rondi has been a stay-at-home mother, and does not have an income. Her spouse has denied Rondi any access to their bank accounts, gives her only a small amount to cover expenses, and won’t provide any information to her about the property they co-won. Even more distressing to Rondi, her spouse is threatening to use her past addiction against her in order to gain custody of their children. We were able to give Rondi a 1:1 Legal Consult so she would know her options.

The names and some details of these stories have been changed to maintain confidentiality. But the results are real. Each of these participants got the advice they needed, empowering them to move forward and add stability in their lives. If you know someone who could use our services, please encourage them to call 508-430-8111.

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