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WE CAN Celebrates 20 Years of Empowering Cape Women

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

For 20 years WE CAN has been strengthening our community by helping women transform their lives. WE CAN’s history of empowering Cape women from Provincetown to the bridges through mentoring, information, education, networking, and support has made them a trusted resource for all women. They’ve worked side by side with thousands of women to tackle issues such as financial empowerment, legal questions, and guidance in work and business support. As a result these women gained the knowledge and confidence needed to move forward with their lives.

In 2020, WE CAN demonstrated its commitment by quickly adapting to provide services virtually, responding to more than 15,000 calls from women seeking advice, direction and connection. Over 2,000 women were served, with more than 900 of them receiving help through one-to-one financial empowerment, work support, business support, and legal assistance.

This fall, WE CAN is making even more services available to women, both virtually and in-person. All services are free and confidential. Here are some of the ways that WE CAN is here to help you:

Financial empowerment: one-to-one sessions and workshops provide expertise and skill-building opportunities for budgeting, debt management, student loan debt management, savings and retirement planning.

Small business support: providing one-to-one support for women entrepreneurs who are starting and growing their own businesses as a pathway toward self-sufficiency. During COVID 19, WE CAN helped women access business assistance programs and guided them through business recovery planning. WE CAN’s GROW program also helps women learn the keys to growing their businesses, networking, building peer support, and finding success.

Work support: assisting women in their job search and with career advice, WE CAN offers help with resume development and interview strategies, as well as computer skills to help women improve their employment situation and gain financial stability.

Legal services: personal consultations and workshops provided by volunteer attorneys for low and moderate-income women offer guidance in areas such as family law, landlord/tenant law, bankruptcy, and elder law.

Personal development: workshops and support groups offer guidance for women navigating life changes while also offering peer support. Pathmakers is a multi-month program that assists women in establishing life goals and working toward achieving those goals with the help of a caring mentor.

New workshops and programs are scheduled throughout the year so check out the WE CAN website at and learn more about how this organization is positively impacting the lives of Cape Cod women.

Find out more about WE CAN and how you can get assistance, volunteer or donate by calling 508-430-8111 or visit

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