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WE CAN's Financial Empowerment Sessions

Anna called WE CAN seeking advice on reducing her student loan debt and also trying to save to buy a home. An energetic, capable young woman who had recently moved to the Cape with a degree in science, she made an appointment for a WE CAN Financial Empowerment Session. She met with one of our volunteer financial advisers, who went over her budget to see how much monthly income she needed to achieve her goals. When she left the session, she told us, "I feel far less intimidated by my financial situation. She gave me a five specific action steps... and she gave me hope!"

WE CAN's free Financial Empowerment one-to-one sessions are available year round for anyone seeking advice on managing their money: from those who are looking to recover from credit card debt, to those saving for retirement - and everything in between. Our expert volunteers (many of whom are pictured here) have a background in banking or financial advising, and can help with a truly diverse range of topics. WE CAN participants have received financial advice on repairing their credit score, budgeting, managing an inheritance, saving for college, debt consolidation, buying a home, accounting and QuickBooks, retirement planning, and more. Participants tell us they come away with a better understanding of their financial situation, and with optimism for the future. As one participant put it, "This was eye opening! I never imagined there could be such a short and direct way to accomplish my goals."

I feel far less intimidated by my financial situation. She gave me a five specific action steps... and she gave me hope!

But as much as participants appreciate the practical advice given, they are also grateful for the way the volunteers interact with them. Let's face it, talking about money can be fraught with emotion, and the potential to feel judged is high. But that's not how WE CAN volunteers operate. Participants have told us, "The volunteer was very easy to talk to. I felt she was hearing me. I did not feel embarrassed by my lack of knowledge or by the foolish choices I’ve made." Or: "She never made me feel like I was asking a stupid question, and her explanations were very clear."

It's not just the participants who feel good about these sessions - we hear enthusiastic comments from our volunteers as well. As one of our volunteers put it, "Every time I meet with someone I feel like I’m the one learning. The women who come to WE CAN share very personal information and I’m grateful that they are so willing to open up so I can best serve them."

If you know someone who needs a little guidance about a financial issue, please let them know about WE CAN's Financial Empowerment Sessions. They can call 508-430-8111 or email to make an appointment.

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