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WE CAN works to empower women to build fulfilling, sustainable lives for themselves and their families. We believe that all people deserve to be valued for the qualities that make them the unique and singular individuals that they are. To fully live our values, we commit to be an intentionally diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

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Desde 2001, WE CAN ha empoderado a las mujeres del Cabo a través de tutorías, información, educación, redes y apoyo.

WE CAN tuvo sus inicios en el programa de Cape Cod Community College llamado Women in Transition (WIT), que fue diseñado para ayudar a las mujeres de todas las edades y datos demográficos a mejorar sus vidas a través de la educación. Cuando el programa terminó en 2000, varias personas se dieron cuenta de que la necesidad seguía existiendo. Se reunieron y formularon lo que se convirtió en NOSOTROS PODEMOS: el empoderamiento de las mujeres a través de redes de área del Cabo.

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To accomplish this, WE CAN will:


  1. Engage in a process of continuous learning and unlearning about systems of oppression, diversity, equity, inclusion/exclusion and belonging.

  2. Broaden our connections to, and outreach with, marginalized and minority communities.

  3. Assess and mitigate barriers that exist to participation with WE CAN for participants and volunteers.

  4. Ensure our organization reflects the diverse communities we serve.



If you have comments for us, or would like to know more about what we are doing to as part of our DEIB commitment, please contact any member of our DEIB Committee:


Lisa Guyon

Dawn Walnut

Marina Mendoza-Burris

Tashane Lester


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